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4-Wheel Alignment in Barton-le-Clay

and all Locations in the Hitchin Area

The steering is one of the most important systems on your car and one that you should have fixed as soon as you notice unusual driving characteristics, or every two years. Poor wheel alignment happens when a car’s steering and suspension operate at the incorrect angles. The rack normally misaligns because of bumps or potholes in the road, because of hitting kerbs, or because you have changed parts on your vehicle.

Bowles Garage has advanced laser-assisted 4-wheel alignment facilities in place to correct the camber, caster, toe and thrust angles. This is a service provided for customers in Hitchin, Barton-le-Clay and all surrounding areas. With incorrect alignment, tyres wear unevenly on their edges.

This means they’ll need replacing more often. Please contact us on 01462 711247 or 07775 911440 to book in for wheel alignment services, or to have new tyres supplied and fitted.

You may need to book in for 4-wheel alignment if:

If you notice any of the above issues, book in for 4-wheel alignment with Bowles Garage. A technician on our team will track and adjust the relevant angles so that your car drives and steers to the specification set by the manufacturer.

Wheel Alignment with Laser-Assisted Technology

The technicians at Bowles Garage offer a dedicated 4-wheel alignment service that’s different to those provided by other workshops in the Hitchin and Barton-le-Clay areas. With front-end alignment, the service only checks for discrepancies in the front axles. This type of inspection will work for solid rear axles too, but it is not a 4-wheel system like the one available at our popular High Road workshop (Shillington).

If a vehicle has independent suspension across all four wheels, or if it is a 4WD model with adjustable suspension to the rear, then 4-wheel alignment is the appropriate service. The service squares the angles and includes measurement and adjustment to the rear as well as the front axles.

This isn’t possible on cars that don’t come fitted with an adjustable suspension system.

A car of this type might need an aftermarket kit fitted to compensate for a change in angles. With 4-wheel alignment, the correct specification should allow for typical weights. This is particularly important for any driver who regularly carries medium to heavy loads. We are owners of a laser-assisted 4-wheel alignment system that is amongst the best in our sector.

This explains why motorists in Hitchin, Barton-le-Clay and the surrounding areas trust us with their car repairs.

For 4-wheel alignment in Hitchin, Barton-le-Clay and the surrounding areas, call Bowles Garage on 01462 711247 or 07775 911440.


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