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Car Servicing and Car Body Repairs in Barton-le-Clay

Traditional Customer Service

When you’ve been in the trade for as long as we have, it’s safe to assume you’re doing something right. Bowles Garage opened its doors for business in 1973, immediately building a name for itself in the nearby Barton-le-Clay area for the standard of our car servicing and car repairs. We were a family-run company back then, and we are still a family-run company today. Tradition is at the very core of our business.

Understandably, we’ve seen some changes over the years. We’ve grown to become an approved MOT testing facility, and we have the latest facilities in place to offer our customers engine management and 4-wheel alignment services, air conditioning re-gassing and servicing, and even car body repairs.

If you’re a private, trade or fleet customer from the Barton-le-Clay area, it’s safe to say that Bowles Garage has every one of your automotive needs covered!

Why is Tradition so Important?

We’ll never forget our roots or where we came from. When you buy a new car, it makes sense that you’d want to keep with the dealership that sold it to you. If you have car servicing and car repairs undertaken with that dealership, you’ll protect your warranty and have your car maintained to the same specification the manufacturer recommends. You might even use your dealership for your MOT testing needs.

But what happens when you need non-warranty work, like 4-wheel alignment or car body repairs? You might find that your dealership doesn’t have the latest tracking system onsite. It’s almost a certainty it won’t have a bodyshop.

We have both, and we’ve been welcoming customers from the Barton-le-Clay area to Bowles Garage for close to 50 years. With almost half a century behind us, we understandably move with the times. What hasn’t changed is our approach to good old-fashioned customer service and running the company with the intention of making you the most important part in it.

Modern Solutions with the Personal Touch

Bowles Garage has invested heavily into modern systems and tooling which state our intentions as a company, intentions that takes you and your business seriously. We’ve invested thousands of pounds into engine management equipment, and this tooling is essential in the world of modern car servicing and repairs. Engine diagnostics help us to isolate faults in your computerised subsystem much sooner than with troubleshooting.

Motorists in Barton-le-Clay also have access to MOT testing by appointment and we have dedicated facilities for this to ensure prompt turnarounds. Bowles Garage also has a laser-assisted 4-wheel alignment system.

And, unlike most mechanical workshops, we have a bodyshop too. Book in for car body repairs with us, and you can have the work undertaken by a company you know and trust; not a faceless workshop recommended to you by your insurance company just because it gets preferential services and discounts. We have a chassis and body alignment system, a paint mixing scheme and even spraying and low-bake oven facilities.

Oh, and we can also undertake car servicing and car repairs to the standards set by your vehicle’s manufacturer. This means we don’t affect the warranty. You never need to pay more for a dealership service when you come to Bowles Garage.

For car servicing and car repairs in Barton-le-Clay or the surrounding areas, call Bowles Garage on 01462 711247 or 07775 911440.


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