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Car Servicing and MOT Testing in Hitchin

Your Questions Answered

If you’ve never booked in for car servicing or car repairs at Bowles Garage before, we think you’ll be suitably impressed by our friendly nature and our can-do approach. We’re a family-run and family-owned workshop from Shillington, near Hitchin, and we also have an integrated bodyshop that’s perfect for private car body repairs and insurance work. We have some of the best independent facilities in our local area.

If you need to book in for MOT testing or for laser-assisted 4-wheel alignment services, we can help with that too. Hitchin is the main service area for our company, but we also welcome motorists from across North Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

Here, we answer some of your most common questions.

How experienced is your company?

More experienced than most. We opened our doors in 1973 as a family-run business and we are still family-owned and operated today. We’ve built our reputation on the delivery of quality car servicing and responsive car repairs. Now approaching our 50th year in business, we’ve outlasted many of our competitors.

We like to put this down to our experience not just with cars, but also with the way we treat our Hitchin customers.

Which classes do you cover with MOT testing?

Bowles Garage performs MOT testing in the Class IV category. This means that we can inspect passenger cars, 4X4 models, public service vehicles, light commercials and motorhomes. We have dedicated inspection facilities including a comfortable waiting area where you can relax while we test your car.

Should your car fail the inspection, we can undertake the required repairs for Hitchin motorists and re-test for free.

Are your 4-wheel alignment services of a good standard?

Yes. We have a laser-assisted system that checks the camber, caster, toe and thrust angles for the front and rear axles. We work this system in line with manufacturer specifications across a full range of marques so, upon completion of 4-wheel alignment checks, your car is set up as if it were new.

With improper alignment, your car won’t be as safe to drive and you’ll notice premature wear in the tyres and components.

Can you colour match the paint on my car correctly?

Definitely! We have an integrated paint mixing scheme at our site near Hitchin where we use computerised equipment to match up your car’s paint colour code with formulae on our system. We can identify every shade a manufacturer has for the colour of a car, guaranteeing perfect matches on car body repairs.

Even difficult matches are never a problem because we use a modern spectrophotometer to capture unrecognised shades.

How do you compare to dealership services?

We think very well. With car servicing and car repairs, we can match any dealership in the area for quality because we work to the same manufacturer specification. With MOT testing, all approved centres in the UK work to the same DVSA standards so, yet again, we can always match main dealerships for service.

With 4-wheel alignment, we have some of the most advanced equipment in the Hitchin area and, as for car body repairs, this is a service we offer that many dealerships can’t.

For car servicing, MOT testing and car body repairs in Hitchin, call Bowles Garage on 01462 711247 or 07775 911440.


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